God and Country

One of the best things about creating custom art work is the ability to express my passions in life. I am deeply appreciative of the country within which we live and it is always an honor when I am allowed to create something for someone that has defended my ability to live with freedom. I truly believe that God has handcrafted our great country to be the shining light on the hill for the rest of the world. I hope that I will never take for granted the men and women that have served our country so that we may enjoy the life our founding fathers designed with God's amazing grace.




This is the base for many of the creations I have to offer. This piece looks great alone or with emblems and or additional paintings to truly make it custom to your needs or wants.



This is by far the most popular Armed Forces piece that I create. The EGA is hand drawn, cut using a scroll saw and then hand drawn again and hand painted.  


Marine Corps EGA

This is the newest creation using the USMC EGA that measures approximately 24” tall and 22” wide. This is a really cool piece that looks great with or without the lighting turned on.


USMC Punisher

This was inspired by the motion picture American Sniper. I thought about how the symbols of the Marine EGA and the Punisher represent protection and the gritty and very tough way it must be carried out. Preserving our freedom is not easy or pretty and most of the Marines I have made these for have been on the front lines making sure you and I can sleep in peace at night.


US Air Force

This was created for someone retiring from the service. I was able to include his squadron into the artwork.


US Army Special Forces

Another piece created for a retired service member.


US Navy

Another creation for a retired service member.

USA Gun Cabinet

This is a gun cabinet built to hold a single handgun.


First Responders

This is a collection designed to celebrate those that protect us here at home.


Harley USA

Not much is more American than a Harley Davidson motor cycle and I have created something to match that same spirit.

Below you will find many pictures of the work that I create using our country's symbols and shape to craft custom work for family and friends.