How Most of the Lights Work


Setting Up and Maintaining the Lights

I hope you like the artwork and that it will fit well in your home. I wanted to make sure to let you know a few things about the piece. Each one is created individually in my shop and from rough cut lumber; usually pine, Douglas fir, or cedar. These woods will sometimes shrink or expand and you may see small separations from plank to plank. I do my best to arrange the backlighting to accentuate the cracks, knots and imperfections to give each piece a unique and rustic look.

In addition, the LED back lighting should last for a long time if kept inside. I have several creations around my home that have been up for a few years without issue; I will even hang some of mine in the weather, but I know a guy that can fix them. A new set of batteries will usually last 2.5-3 weeks on the timer function; longer for better batteries. The timer function will come on the first time you click the button; the second click is on until you click it again. Whatever time you turn the timer function on, it will come on that same time every day for 6 hours and automatically cut off for 18 hours. As the battery starts to deplete, it will cut off earlier and earlier, but it will still come on at the time you set. When it is time to replace the batteries, gently pry the latches open with a flat head screwdriver and replace them. If you apply too much pressure on the battery console, it will come off; if you accidentally pop this off, use hot glue to reattach.