Whimsy & Pop Culture

I am a nerd and I have no problem admitting my geekiness. I love all things Disney, Harry Potter, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Marvel, and the list goes on. I often find myself crafting items that I ask my poor wife to use as decoration. I will create items that I just don't want to let go, and then many end up stashed away until I can sneak them out around the pool or out in my studio/sunroom. 


Sometimes Things Just Work Out!

This creation was one of those that I just don’t know where it is going to go or where it will end up. Most of the time something looks really cool in my imagination and then the piece meets those expectations; this is one that far exceeded the image in my head. The addition of multi-function green lighting that allowed for alternating and pulsing lights gave this piece motion and a wow factor! I am my worst critic, but I was pretty darn happy with the end result. Of course there are always things that I can find fault, but I was happy to see a fellow Disney nerd get this piece of art and hang it on her wall.


Mural Painting

I have always wanted to try my hand at painting a large scale mural and when LeighAnn and I decided to clean the garage, well the opportunity was there. I decide to take the largest wall (20 feet long) and see what I could do. Well, it turned out pretty cool and I talked my daughter into helping me finish the landscape. We finished it on Father's Day morning, which I felt was appropriate. Below are pictures of the progression through the 4 day marathon of drawing and painting.


Unique Ideas and Paintings

I love to draw and paint using new and different techniques. This one happens to be painted on acrylic and then framed using a natural wood as the background. What makes this piece unique is the appearance in person is much cooler than the picture can show. This is painted on the acrylic backwards and then put on top of the wood, allowing for a change of background color if wanted. It also adds depth to the piece because it is not on the wood and a little shadowing occurs between the two layers. It can be mind twisting when painting, but the result is worth the extra headache.


Walt Disney World

There is absolutely no place where I get more ideas and inspiration to create than WDW. These are a few things I created after our last trip. This will actually hang inside our house as a nightlight. The picture here is just outside the door as a welcome sign. My original thought was to add "The Laniers" to the sun, but I like it blank better.


There is no place on earth that inspires my creativity more than a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. My wife and I visit every year and I always come back with ideas.

Our favorite movie is UP and I have recreated the house as a hanging art piece with light up balloons. 

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorite movies. I don't care what anyone thinks about my obsession with Disney, I am comfortable with my manhood and I am always amazed at the things this company creates. I may not agree with some of their corporate actions and positions, but the creativity coming from Disney and their affiliate companies is often awe inspiring.


Little Mermaid

I created this after seeing a car decal. Sometimes the smallest things will make my mind wonder into what I can create.



Again, Disney is my favorite. I have read several books about the early days of the company and have drawn inspiration again and again. This captures the true meaning behind the statute and how a few well planned things can result in a burgeoning empire. Mickey was created out of failure and with that one kick in the pants Walt received, he dreamed up a new character that would become the most recognized image on earth.



Someone asked me if I could draw trains and turn a train into one of my works... Of course I made it the Hogwarts Express! If you are around me long enough, you will find out that I not only read a lot, but I love the Harry Potter series. It is no surprise that I ended up keeping this one for myself.


Snoopy Gun Cabinet?

Yep, this turned out to be a gun cabinet for a single handgun. Not many people would think to look at this and think, "Hey, I bet there is a gun in that doghouse."