The March Hare - Wit, Wisdom, and Whittlings
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The history of Joe

Joe Lanier is a lifelong Georgian and currently lives in Acworth, Georgia with his family. Joe and his wife Leigh Ann have been married over 30 years and have lived in the Acworth area all of those 30 years. They have 2 children, Zack and Brittney, that also live in Acworth. Both, Leigh Ann and Joe, work for the local school system as educators.

After high school, Joe began working for the local electric co-operative in the construction and line maintenance departments. He stayed with Cobb EMC for a total of 9 1/2 years learning the nuances of construction as well as human resource management. While working at the electric co-op, Joe completed his bachelor's degree from Kennesaw State University in Communication. After his time at EMC, Joe spent several years as a manager in the staffing industry. It was during this time that he decided to return to school and pursue a career teaching and coaching. Enrolling and completing his teaching requirements through the University of Georgia allowed him to teach English at the high school level. Joe has earned his master's degree and served as a head wrestling coach where he found success in rebuilding and building winning programs at 3 different schools.

Working with wood and building has been a huge part of Joe's story. As a lifelong doodler with a vivid imagination, he soon turned his skills and talent into items for his home and eventually for family and friends. This hobby has turned into a bit more and he has been exploring ways to extend his reach to people that will enjoy and appreciate his art. Joe is a huge fan of all things Disney as well as Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. These things provide inspiration for some of the art work, as well as his teaching, and writing.

In addition to the many activities described above, Joe is currently writing a book that will be finished at "some point in the near future." The book covers many of the life lessons that he teaches his kids, students and wrestlers. There is practical advice for everyone included in the book. The main point is "to live the happiest life possible in your current situation. There are so many self-help books written by "experts" that found astonishing success in life through big breaks or through extraordinary circumstances; this book is for the other 99.9% of us that live normal lives."

All of these things have molded and shaped the person as well as what this website will become. The vision is that this website will become more than something used to purchase super cool items, it will become a connection between the artist and everyone that shares the same interests.